Sustainable best practices to strengthen the vineyard's climate resilience



12 months


€ 80.000


€ 64.000

Project mission

The global recession, combined with the increasingly substantial impact of climate change, incentivizes the wine sector to adopt good sustainability practices aimed at conserving the organic matter of the soils, reducing CO2 emissions while preserving production and quality. In line with this strategic objective, the REACTIVE project aims to disseminate good sustainability practices in viticulture focused on reducing CO2 emissions and carbon sequestration in the soils planted with vines by integrated phytosanitary defence solutions and the use of biochar used as a soil improver agricultural soils.

Communications materials


Articolo “Colombo et al., WM, 2019”

Guida Biochar
Biochar guide

Biochar in modern agronomic practices. The environmental and economic benefits in viticulture

Scheda origini e metodi
Fact sheet

Biochar: origins and production methods

Scheda proprietà chimiche e biologiche
Fact sheet

Biochar: biological and chemical-physical properties

Scheda impatti ambientali e socio-economici
Fact sheet

The environmental and socio-economic impacts of Biochar

Scheda Biochar in viticoltura
Fact sheet

Biochar in viticulture

Guida ai patogeni
Pathogen guide

Guide to the phytosanitary defense of the vine

Scheda mal d'esca della vite
Fact sheet

The disease of the bait of the vine

Scheda la botrite della vite
Fact sheet

The botrytis of the vine

Scheda l'oidio della vite
Fact sheet

Vine powdery mildew

Scheda la pernospora della vite
Fact sheet

The grapevine downy mildew

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