Innovations management

Market Research Analysis & Strategic business positioning
Market Research Analysis &  Strategic business positioning

Italbiotec supports the development of new biotech businesses for Life Science, Bioeconomy, Agrofood applications by offering a wide range of innovation consulting services. Technical and financial due-diligences help the strategic positioning of a new product on the market and analyze the real and potential market, customers, and brand perception. 

Market studies include analysis of competitors, market segments, success factors, and potential barriers to developing the idea and a business plan suitable for private investors. Technical due diligence is also supported by comparative sustainability studies (Life Cycle Assessment LCA), socio-economic impact (Socio LCA).

Market Research Analysis & Strategic business positioning
Business Plan  & Feasibility Studies

Italbiotec helps start-ups and companies operating in the biotech sector in assessing industrial feasibility by drawing up accurate business and financial plans. A document designed to assist the entrepreneur in strategic planning, the business plan is a tool to demonstrate the company's attractiveness and innovation potential with respect to private investors' interests and expectations. The business consulting service includes developing industry overview, competitive landscape, analysis of marketing levers and value propositions, marketing & sales plan, operations and financial projections.

Policy Roadmaps & Legislative consulting
Policy Roadmaps  & Legislative consulting

Social, environmental, political factors are related to evaluating the barriers and success factors of new technologies. Italbiotec carries out strategic impact analyses based on the collection and assessment of Life Science, Bioeconomy, Agrofood fields data related to legislation to draw up recommendations to support the entire innovation management governance system.

The roadmaps offer policymakers tools to support work programs and financing measures following the priorities and the most promising applications and technologies on the market and boosting sustainable innovation in local growth.

Start-up acceleration and incubation
Start-up acceleration & incubation

Italbiotec offers an acceleration and incubation service dedicated to start-ups in the biotech sector to plan a path of business development and sustainable innovation growth. The program includes a seed funding service with access to angel investors and venture capitals in Life Science, Bioeconomy and Agrofood fields, assistance in developing personalized business plans, involvement in networking and mentorship initiatives. Italbiotec provides low-cost coworking, office and meeting spaces and affordable formulas for administrative and financial assistance, coaching in innovation management and training programs for business growth.


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Piazza della Trivulziana, 4/A
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