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Consorzio Italbiotec founded in 1998 by the joint initiative of Bioserarch Italia Spa and the universities of Bologna and Palermo for the innovation management of R&D projects in the pharmaceutical sector, is the promoter of an ecosystem of extraordinary ferment oriented towards translational research.



Biosearch Italia Spa, born two years earlier from a managing buy out initiative by researchers from the Lepetit research centre in Gerenzano (Varese, Italy) and the support of the 3i fund, was the first Italian spin-off to land on the stock exchange at the end of 2000, at New Milan market.


Research activity

Research activity has focused on the drug discovery field of screening promising molecules, including dalbavancin, an active ingredient for producing antibiotics against infectious diseases. Thanks to the encouraging results, Biosearch Italia entered the Pfizer portfolio and then merged with the American company Versicor and Vicuron.



Consorzio Italbiotec has progressively increased the shareholder number, including the Universities of Parma and Insubria, the National Research Council, the Renato Dulbecco Foundation, as well as the R&D activity and business consulting in a broad spectrum of application of the biotechnology sector.



Starting from 2010, Italbiotec has further expanded its specialization areas to the Bioeconomy and AgroFood, getting to have five operating offices in relevant research centres and incubators and extending the leading Italian universities' participation research centres, hospitals and companies.



Today, Italbiotec is the leading Italian non-profit organization in the biotechnology sector, bringing together 36 Italian universities and research institutions, the National Research Council, and over 124 companies and startups.

Thanks to our six operative offices located in innovation hubs and universities, Italbiotec combines the expertise of 36 leading research centre of excellence and more than 124 SMEs and international enterprises active in the industrial biotechnology field, providing up to now a successful consulting service in 150 projects involving more than 150 Million financed.


Registered office
Piazza della Trivulziana, 4/A
20126 Milan (IT)
Piazza della Trivulziana, 4/A
20126 Milan (IT)