Green Fashion

Orange Leather

From waste to Green Fashion: vegetable imitation leather from orange waste



24 months


€ 1.379.881,53


€ 554.952,61

Project mission

The project’s purpose consists in the development of an innovative productive process concerning pleather prototype based on the use of agricultural waste as raw material. In particular, Orange Leather focuses on the replacement of first layer of the pleather, which is usually made of tissue or polyester, with a new component created thanks to a recycling process of citrus-orange pulp. This preliminary step will enable a further development of the scale up process intended to promote a massive pleather production made of organic raw materials that lowers the environmental impact on natural resources by discouraging the use of toxic ingredients, such as polyurethane and polyvinylchloride, in a green sustainable view.   

Project Partners

Novartiplast Italia spa
Gibaplast sas
In4Tech srl
Università degli Studi di Milano

Registered office
Piazza della Trivulziana, 4/A
20126 Milan (IT)
Piazza della Trivulziana, 4/A
20126 Milan (IT)