There are several funding opportunities hard to monitor for entities focused on their business

For structured entities that need analysis of internal competences and permanent support, Italbiotec offers you our staff with these services:

  • Evaluation of research products
  • Analysis of training needs
  • Depth meeting on fund raising and European projects
  • Support for research of academic and industrial partners
  • Anaysis and optimization of human and financial resources

We offer a free of charge scouting service, selecting the best grants based on our partner’s needs, supporting the whole financing process: from the presentation of the application to the end of the activities.

Our qualified personnel shows you the best opportunities with a customer-oriented approach, assessing critical points and opportunities concerning the grant and the activities, a free of charge complete analysis.

Italbiotec is a not for profit entity, our gains are only when you succeed in the application. Moreover our services can be part of the funding, in this way the partner can take advantages of qualified services without added costs because they are included in the grant.