Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

The Lombardy Green Chemistry Association-LGCA – whose governance has been developed according with Lombardy Region – has a consulting and intermediation role between Region and stakeholders on the territory, promoting regional politics coherently with territorial needs, also representing Lombardy Region at European level related with Horizon 2020 programming and nationally, relating to the national cluster SPRING.

The Cluster was born to aggregate all the players on the territory sharing interests and competences on the bio economy theme, to increase the utilization of renewable resources for a sustainable growth.

Together with Innovhub – SSI, Politecnico di Milano, Università di Milano, the Consortium, as regional coordinator, is engaged in involvement of the most significant realities in Green Chemistry, focused mainly on agro energy, biofuels and green biotech.

The strategic plan of the Cluster is to support research, technology transfer, promotion of innovation and information, over technical-operative assistance to access funding, oriented to increase synergies with European and international networks.

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